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At Open Space, we encourage the development of the whole child by creating both a stimulating and nurturing environment. We not only provide hands-on materials but also engaging experiences that encourage children to learn through exploration, discovery, and play.

Our program is rooted in Piaget and Vygotsky’s belief that children learn best through self-discovery and play while engaging with their peers and caregivers. We believe in providing a child-centered, play and discovery based curriculum. Play is important for children, it is a means by which they can be active explorers of their environment, active creators of new experiences, and active participants in their own development. At Open Space, our program is child-centered, play and discovery based because we believe that the benefits children gain from play help them develop the cognitive, social and emotional skills they need in order to grow and thrive. 

Our curriculum is based off the Project Based Approach with Vygotskian influences. Our program is rooted in theories and research that show children learn best through play. Vygotsky believed that children are active participants in the acquisition of knowledge. He believed that through play, children make sense of their world, develop language and develop important cognitive skills. From the Vygotskian perspective development exists as a continuum with degrees of maturation. In this sense, children can learn by working in collaboration with adults or with more experienced peers.