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At Open Space, we value the importance of communication. We encourage regular and on-going communication to ensure that parents are always informed and connected to their child’s learning, progress and routines at school. Every staff member at Open Space strives to develop a positive and meaningful relationship with the families. Our staff always makes the extra effort to ensure that each family member feels respected and valued at Open Space. We strive to keep a line of open communication between the staff at Open Space and the families through emails, monthly calendars, and sending reminders and alerts through Brightwheel. Prior to your child’s first day of school, we ask that you join us for an orientation so you can feel comfortable with the school, drop-off and pick-up routines, and the classroom space to ease the “first day” jitters.

We want Open Space to be a place of familiarity and comfort. We have an open-door policy that means that parents are always welcome to visit their child’s classroom and spend time during the day. Parents are also always welcome and encouraged to volunteer their time to join us in the classroom, on walks or on field trips around the neighborhood. Every other month, we celebrate and come together during Community Socials. This is a time to get to know our neighbors and classroom friends, and spend some festive time at school. Twice a year, we offer parent-teacher conferences so that you can get a designated time to talk about your child’s development and progress with his or her teacher. Of course, you may speak with your child’s teacher at any time, either in person or through Brightwheel, and we welcome any questions or concerns you might have.

Open Space is also a place to gather as a community. We are so excited to be members of the Andersonville and Ravenswood neighborhoods and are always seeking out opportunities to give back to our communities. In the past, we have done food drives, toy drives, and delivered holiday cards to children in hospitals. We also have a referral program that offers the opportunity to donate $100 to the charity of your choosing, with Open Space matching your donation.