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Children in our Toddler classroom range in age from 12 months to 35 months. A typical day in our Toddler classroom involves circle time, self-directed guided play during Discovery Time, small group activities, singing songs, reading books, art experiences, sensory experiences, indoor gross motor play and outdoor nature walks. Similar to the Infant Program, the weekly lesson plan for the Toddler Program is always posted on the Family Board. You will notice that the activities on the lesson plan are more diverse and differ on a day to day or weekly basis to expose our Toddlers to a fun, enriching and engaging environment.

The teachers in our Toddler Program work on developing a curriculum that encourages the children’s independence and fostering their social skills. Many of the teacher-guided activities for the Toddler Program occur in small groups so that the teachers can work closely with each child and meet their individual needs. The teachers in the toddler room will begin to introduce simple math and literacy concepts through small group activities, which may include various art projects and sensory experiences.

Our Toddler Program encourages autonomy through their daily experiences. The toddlers have opportunities to put classroom toys and materials away and are given the opportunity to feed themselves.  The teachers begin modeling sharing and proper communication with their peers and work with their students to help them understand the big and tough emotions that come with being a toddler. Some of these challenging behaviors might seem surprising but our teachers understand that our toddlers are learning how to regulate strong emotions, navigate their feelings, learn verbal language, and exercise control over their bodies and actions.

Our toddler room is also a place of great exploration and discovery.  Students have ample opportunities to dig their hands into different sensory activities, learn how to use a fork and spoon, paint works of art and otherwise just explore the world how they learn best–by doing!