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Children in our Preschool classroom range in age from 3 to 5 years of age. In our Preschool classroom, the structure is similar to the Early Preschool classroom with a greater focus on school readiness. A typical day for preschoolers involves self-directed guided play, small group activities, circle time, literacy and writing activities, science activities, reading, journaling, art experiences, dramatic play, block play, group activities, computer time and indoor and outdoor gross motor play.

The preschool curriculum is rooted in discovery, play, exploration and engaging with peers. Teachers in the preschool classroom are skilled in crafting lesson plans and learning opportunities that capitalize on the collective interests of the students in the classroom. There is an increased focus on school-readiness that is grounded in the project-based approach to learning. Our project-based learning curriculum is rooted in the emergent approach of designing learning environments and opportunities that are based on what the students are wanting to learn about. Teachers do this through a fine-tuned and ongoing process of observation, recording, and assessment.

Learning takes place both in and out of the classroom, through a schedule designed to keep students engaged, and active. Opportunities are given throughout the day to work together as a group, engage with peers in social play, or work independently in small centers and groups. We also get lots of time to explore the outdoors and become familiar with our community, and neighborhood. We take nature walks and get our bodies moving on the playground! The main focus of our preschool classroom is to engage students in learning that is relevant to their interests and helps them to understand the world and the people around them.