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In our Infant classroom, teachers strive to provide an intimate home-like environment and soothing atmosphere while staying aware of each baby’s natural feeding, sleep and play rhythms.

An infant’s typical day involves playing with age appropriate toys, books, songs, cuddling, rocking, sensory-related art experiences, and stroller walks. Our infant rooms do not have a uniform schedule, but rather adapt to each individual infant. We work closely with parents and other caregivers to make sure our infants are getting comprehensive, thorough and attentive care that translates seamlessly from home to school and back again. Whatever choices your family is making at home, we can find ways to support them at school–whether it be cloth diapers, transitioning to solid foods, or whatever else you need.

Our infant teachers are trained to create learning opportunities throughout the day. They work to create language-rich environments by weaving in songs, continued narrations, and animated storytelling to everyday interactions. You’ll find teachers and infants alike with their hands in sticky sensory tables, exploring new textures, and learning about the world around them together, as partners. Our lesson plans are designed to be individualized and tuned into each child’s individual needs and developmental readiness. We make sure to really observe what each child is working on and design lessons, activities and experiences to foster growth and development.

We communicate with parents and caregivers often through Brightwheel and share all aspects of your child’s day through pictures, videos, and personalized messages. Above all, we strive to maintain infant classrooms that are warm, nurturing, loving and safe.